Press Release from Lorain County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Phil Stammitti announces that the Lorain County Sheriff’s Citizens Partnership Academy will once again be offered.

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Citizen Partnership Academy is a 10-week course designed to inform and share with the citizens of Lorain County the functions of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, along with other aspects of the Lorain County Judicial System.

The class will begin on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. and continue for 10 weeks – until June 14, 2017. Each class session will run from 6:00 p.m. until approximately 8:30 p.m. During these sessions, participants will be given hands-on instruction in firearms, building searches, legal updates, criminal case prosecution, fingerprinting, criminal apprehensions, and more.

There will be approximately 20 spaces available and registration will be on a first come first served basis, pending a background check. Applications can be obtained here.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and must be able to pass a civilian background check.

For further information, please contact Captain Donald Barker at 440.329.3880.

Adult Health Wellness Sessions



In April, public health nurses from the Lorain County General Health District are coming to a location near you to answer questions and provide information about preventing falls. These no-cost sessions are for all Lorain County adults ages 55+ and will cover a different health focus each month.

April adult health wellness sessions are at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 2:00 PM at the following locations:

  • Oberlin Neighborhood Alliance Senior Enrichment Services, 90 E. College St., Oberlin, OH 44074 on April 3 and 17
  • Sheffield Twp. Church of Christ, 5075 Toledo Rd., Lorain on April 5
  • Wellington Fire Station #2, 202 Kelly St., Wellington on April 6 and 20
  • Old Stone Church, 553 S. Main St., Amherst on April 7 and 21
  • Sugar Ridge Baptist Church, 36600 Sugar Ridge Rd., N. Ridgeville on April 12
  • Avon Senior Center, 36786 Detroit Rd., Avon on April 13 and 28
  • Sheffield Lake Community Center, 4575 E. Lake Rd., Sheffield Lake (9 AM and 11 AM only) on April 18
  • N. Eaton Christian Church, 35895 E. Royalton Rd., Grafton on April 24

Walk-ins welcome. Adult wellness sessions are no-cost. All Lorain County adults ages 55 and up are invited to attend.

To connect community members to this service, please feel free to share the attached ready-to-go image for use in your newsletter, website, or via social media.

Thank you for helping to share resources with everyone who calls Lorain County home.

Cresthaven Subdivision Parking Restrictions

The Elyria Township Board of Trustees will be considering establishing a parking restriction on roads within the Cresthaven Subdivision consisting of the following streets: Crestlane Drive, Emerald Drive, Freeland Drive, Galaxy Drive, Haven Drive, Imperial Court, and Woodhill Drive.

Parking on these streets would be restricted to one side of the street opposite the fire hydrants. Residents are currently parking on both sides of the streets make it difficult for fire and rescue vehicles, snow plows, garbage trucks, or other large vehicles to safely drive down the street.

The Resolution to impose the restriction will be discussed at the Township trustee meeting on April 10. 2017 at 7:00 p..m.  Any residents interested in commenting on the proposed restrictions are welcome to attend the meeting.

Catchable Trout Releases Scheduled for April 21, 2017 (Qty. Unknown)

COLUMBUS, OH – More than 100,000 rainbow trout are expected to be released this spring in 64 Ohio public lakes and ponds, creating excellent fishing opportunities for anglers all across Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The first rainbow trout release is scheduled for Friday, March 3, at Adams Lake in Adams County.

Rainbow trout releases will take place across Ohio from March 3-May 21 as long as areas are ice-free and accessible to anglers. Information about the trout releases, including updates to the schedule due to weather and stocking locations, is available at or by calling 800-WILDLIFE (945-3543).

By stocking these water areas throughout the state, opportunities are created for anglers of all ages to get out and enjoy quality spring trout fishing in a family-friendly environment. Many stocked locations will feature special angler events, including youth-only fishing on the day of the trout release.

Rainbow trout are raised at Ohio’s state fish hatcheries and measure 10-13 inches before they are released by the ODNR Division of Wildlife. The daily catch limit for inland lakes is five trout.

Anglers age 16 and older must have an Ohio fishing license to fish in state public waters. The 2017-2018 fishing license is now available and is valid through Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018. An annual resident fishing license costs $19. A one-day fishing license costs $11 for residents and nonresidents. The one-day license may also be redeemed for credit toward the purchase of an annual fishing license.

Licenses and permits can be purchased online at and at participating agents throughout the state. A complete list of participating license sales agents can be found at

Sales of fishing licenses along with the federal Sport Fish Restoration (SFR) program continue to fund the operation of the ODNR Division of Wildlife’s fish hatcheries. No state tax dollars are used for this activity. This is a user-pay, user-benefit program.

The SFR program is a partnership between federal and state government, industry, anglers and boaters. When anglers purchase rods, reels, fishing tackle, fish finders and motor boat fuel, they pay an excise tax. The federal government collects these taxes, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service administers and disburses these funds to state fish and wildlife agencies. These funds are used to acquire habitat, produce and stock fish, conduct research and surveys, provide aquatic education to youth and secure and develop boat accesses.

For a list of trout stocking dates and locations, go to

ODNR ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR website at

Editor’s Note: Scheduled trout releases in 2017 are listed in the attached document. Some locations will feature special events on the day of the scheduled trout release. The ** indicates a special angler event is planned for the trout release. For more information, contact the nearest wildlife district office.

For more information, contact:
John Windau, ODNR Division of Wildlife
Matt Eiselstein, ODNR Office of Communications

It’s Summer Camp Time!

Sign-up for LCMP 2017 Summer Camps

Does your kid like spending time outside? Join us this summer for a variety of camps for all ages. Registration starts February 17th. Sign up here:

Spirit of America Summer Program
Calling all kids ages 12-15 years old!
If you enjoy boats and want to learn more about boating, come to our FREE Spirit of America program this summer. Apply here:

The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC)

Our new relationship manager for NOPEC is Pat McNamara.  If any of the Elyria Township residents have a problem with electric or natural gas, please contact Pat at 440.249.7832, 440.623.3455, or
If another company solicits electric or gas quotes, ask if they have a solicitor’s permit from Elyria Township. Bob Repas, Fiscal Officer, issues the permits. He can be reached at 440.324.9462 or
The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) serves members in over 200 communities within 13 counties in Northeast Ohio. For 15 years, they have saved communities and members more than $260 million in cumulative energy savings.
Benefits for NOPEC Residential Customers:
Discounted energy rates negotiated exclusively for NOPEC customers
myNOPEC – A free online resource for NOPEC members
Interactive Tip House – Energy saving tips for every season
For questions regarding your electric bill or service call Ohio Edison at 800.633.4766. For questions regarding your natural gas bill contact Columbia Gas of Ohio at 800.344.4077.

Blood Pressure Help


In February, public health nurses from the Lorain County General Health District are coming to a location near you to provide blood pressure screenings and to explain how to get an at-home blood pressure cuff at no cost. These sessions are for all Lorain County adults ages 55+ and will cover a different health focus each month. Nurses will also help to answer health questions and concerns.

February’s adult health wellness checks are at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 2:00 PM at the following locations:

  • Wellington Fire Station #2, 202 Kelly St., Wellington on February 2 and 16
  • Old Stone Church, 553 South Main St., Amherst on February 3 and 17
  • Oberlin Senior Center, 90 East College St., Oberlin on February 6 and 27
  • Sugar Ridge Baptist Church, 36600 Sugar Ridge Rd., North Ridgeville on February 8
  • Sheffield Township Church of Christ, 5075 Toledo Rd., Lorain on February 1
  • Sheffield Lake Community Center, 4575 East Lake Rd. (9:00 and 11:00 AM sessions only) on February 7
  • Avon Senior Center, 36786 Detroit Rd., Avon on February 10 and 24
  • North Eaton Christian Church, 35895 East Royalton Rd., Grafton on February 13

Walk-ins welcome. Adult wellness sessions are no-cost. All adults ages 55 and up are invited to attend.


Trash Bins

Did you know the Republic Services trash truck’s mechanical arms can reach 9′? PLEASE keep your trash bins 3′ from the road to give our Road Department room to plow.
When you see Tim & Jeff, thank them for keeping the Township safe. Great job, guys!

New Supplier Press Release

NOPECNOPEC, NextEra Energy team up to provide low price electricity to 500,000 Ohio customers with added sustainability focus.

(Solon, Ohio) – The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) has reached an agreement for NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC (NESO) to become the supplier of electricity for a program that currently serves almost 500,000 customers in 13 Northern Ohio counties.

This three-year agreement with NESO will replace the current electricity supply contract for NOPEC customers. In late October, NOPEC’s current supplier announced that it was terminating its contract effective January 2017. The NESO agreement will commence as the current contract ends.

NOPEC’s new agreement with NESO assures that its customers will continue to receive the benefits of NOPEC membership which have resulted in about $250 million of electric cost savings to date. NOPEC considers itself most fortunate to have a new supplier with both an extremely strong financial standing and a nationally-recognized brand in the clean energy space, said Chuck Keiper, executive director of NOPEC.

NOPEC customers should expect to receive their opt-out notices for service under the new program in the next few weeks.

“We’re thrilled to expand our relationship with NESO,” Keiper said. “This is a world-class clean energy company and we know that NOPEC electricity customers will be in very capable hands.”

NESO and NOPEC have entered into a separate agreement under which NESO will provide NOPEC with additional EarthEraTM Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for 2017 that, when added to the RECs specifically required by applicable Ohio Renewables Portfolio Standard, will equal 50% of NOPEC customers’ energy usage in NOPEC’s footprint. Besides the provision of this increased REC quantity, NOPEC’s EarthEra program participation is also expected to direct over $10 million of NESO’s electricity sales revenues from these 13 Northern Ohio counties to be used for the construction of future NextEra Energy Resources renewable energy projects. This separate agreement will not result in any additional costs to NOPEC customers.

“All of this is good news on the green and renewable energy front,” NOPEC’s Keiper said. “NOPEC knows that it’s fostering a more sustainable future and that $10 million of NESO’s revenue is guaranteed to be spent on building new renewable energy generation.”

NESO’s parent is the largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun in North America. NOPEC and NESO have been working together to purchase Ohio-sourced natural gas and provide low- cost service to over 300,000 customers in 173 member communities since April 2014, and electricity to AEP member communities since August 2015.

Under the NOPEC-NESO retail electric aggregation supply agreement, customers will receive initial pricing from January 2017 through the summer high-demand period that will generate savings comparable to the expiring NOPEC contract savings. After the initial price period, customers will receive competitive variable rates based on favorable wholesale purchase prices than available in the market. There will be zero cancellation or early termination fees.

NOPEC-NESO electricity customers also will have the option to choose a variable rate that will mirror the percentage off utility price savings contained in the expiring contract. That variable rate will be available for as many as 10,000 customers.

“Our focus and goal since our recent contract termination has been to quickly find a supplier so that the power and savings would keep flowing to NOPEC customers as seamlessly as possible,” Keiper said. “But we also knew it was crucial to find a financially strong company that was first-in-class among energy suppliers. With NESO, we have all that, plus the familiarity from our existing successful partnerships. This is a slam-dunk and a great opportunity for our customers.”

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to expand our business relationship with NOPEC and increase our business presence in the Buckeye State. We have been working hard to deliver results for NOPEC over many years now, and the level of confidence that they have expressed in our capabilities is quite humbling,” said Vice President of NESO Mark Palanchian.

For more information on the new NOPEC-NESO electricity agreement, visit NOPEC’s website at or call 855-667-3201 (855-NOPEC01).

About the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council: The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) is the largest public retail aggregation in the United States. Our members are communities (residential and small businesses) throughout Northeast Ohio. Currently, we serve more than 200 communities in 13 counties. For 15 years we have saved our communities and members more than a quarter of a billion dollars in cumulative electric savings and have provided more than $16 million in NOPEC community energy efficiency grants. Our flagship product, myNOPEC, is an online tool designed to help our members to understand that they have the power to control how much energy they use through rebates, energy saving tips and products, and technologies offered through our online store. For more information about NOPEC or how to become a member of myNOPEC, visit us at

About NextEra Energy Ohio, LLC.: NextEra Energy Ohio, LLC is the Ohio retail affiliate of NextEra Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NEE). NEE is a leading clean energy company with consolidated revenues of approximately $17.5 billion, and approximately 14,300 employees in 27 states and Canada as of year-end 2015, as well as approximately 45,000megawatts of generating capacity, which includes megawatts associated with noncontrolling interests related to NextEra Energy Partners, LP (NYSE: NEP), as of April 2016.  For more information about NextEra Energy companies, visit these websites:,,