Hall of Fame

Hall of FameThe Elyria Township Hall of Fame was formed to honor former and current Elyria Township residents for “outstanding accomplishments” in the following six specific areas: philanthropy; public service; music and fine arts; business; industry and professions; education and religion; and sports and athletics.

The following guidelines shall be used by the Elyria Township Hall of Fame in the judging and selection of applicants for candidacy in the Elyria Township Hall of Fame.

Eligibility of nominations shall be limited to those resident nominees who qualify under one of the following guidelines. Nominee resides in Elyria Township.

    1. Nominee may be deceased.
    2. Those who do not meet the residence requirements under a., but who have been active in Elyria Township for a period of at least five years and whose outstanding service warrants consideration.
    3. There shall be no restrictions related to education, religion, sex, race or nationality.
    4. Nominees must have a good record of continuous good moral character.  Nominee may be subject to a confidential background and reference check.
    5. Anyone shall be given the opportunity to submit nominations at any time for consideration to the Elyria Township Hall of Fame.  Please refer to the Nomination Procedure for instructions.
    6. Application will be active in the Elyria Township Hall of Fame for a minimum of five years.

To allow for proper consideration of all applications, only those received prior to June 30 of any year will be processed and judged for the next induction class, which will be held in October at the Township Hall.

Polly Onderko (chair)
Cathy Fern
Barb Scheithauer

Nomination Form

2017 Robert J. Repas
2016 Carl Snezek
2015 Raymond Tellier

2014 Raymond Klingshirn
2013 Dixie Slaughenhaupt
2012 Rob Scheithauer
2011 Ted Majoras